Dining in the city of Bordeaux

Tajine with Sea Bream at Chez Greg
Tajine with Sea Bream at Chez Greg

If you are travelling to Bordeaux, you probably love food and wine.  Some of the specialties of Bordeaux given its proximity to water are duck, foie gras and lamprey eel and you will find some of the best entrecote (beef) dishes anywhere.  Lest you think Bordeaux is all about heavy food, don’t worry, there is also a good choice of seafood such as salmon, sole, cod, sea bream, oysters and shrimp.  There is a great balance of foods and restaurants to choose from and plenty of wines to pair

Trio of Salmon with tomato chutney and spiced eggplant puree.  Logis de la Cadene in Saint-Emilion
Trio of Salmon with tomato chutney and spiced eggplant puree. Logis de la Cadene in Saint-Emilion


La Brasserie Bordelaise at 50 Rue Saint Remi serves classic Bordelaise dishes such as duck, entrecote and eel, and has an excellent wine list.  Servings are large so bring your appetite.

Chez Greg has four locations, I have been to the one in the Chartrons and the Grands Hommes districts and the food was seasoned and prepared flawlessly in both.  In the Chartrons, the Cafe du Musee at 7 Rue Ferrare is on the top floor of the Contemporary Art Museum, a renovated historic warehouse with dramatic high ceilings.  In the Grands Hommes, the Grand Theatre restaurant at 29 Rue Esprit des Lois is very modern and hip.  You will find a mix of traditional and international cuisine but what I like best is that there is a greater choice of lighter dishes.

L’Entrecote is a high-turnover, unceremonious restaurant with a single-dimensional menu and wine list (their own house brand) and is probably one of the most popular restaurants in town.  I have rarely seen the three-story restaurant without a line extending outside.  What they do best is the classic steak frites – done to perfection.  If you love steak and fries with cabernet sauvignon, and that is all you want, this is the place.  4, cours du XXX Juillet.

Brasserie L’Orleans at 36 Allee d’Orleans serves classic brasserie food in a classic setting.

Restaurant Gravelier, 114 cours de Verdun, is owned by the son-in-law and daughter of Pierre Troisgros.  If you are looking for some of the best seafood in Bordeaux, this is an excellent choice.

Le Chapon Fin , a Michelin-starred restaurant is highly recommended for fine dining and sophisticated service.  5 Rue de Montesquieu.

Logis de la Cadene in Saint-Emilion is a cozy and welcoming restaurant in the village with indoor and patio dining.  3, place du Marche au Bois.