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The Wine Lover’s Grape Jelly

The 2016 Napa Harvest is underway. At home, I hand-harvested my own single-vineyard, dry-farmed Zinfandel grapes last week and wanted to make a jelly with a little more distinction and less sugar than most. So I thought like a winemaker. I fermented them.

aMuse Bouche: Burgundy Spice

With Burgundy’s rich and strongly flavored dishes, it’s easy to see why tangy Dijon mustard would be a specialty here. At a Moutarderie tour at Edmond Fallot, I learned the difference between Dijon and Burgundy mustard.

Dining well in Burgundy

The adjective that most commonly precedes chardonnay and pinot noir wines is “food-friendly” and when one travels to the cradle of chardonnay …

The sweeter side of Downtown Napa

No matter where you turn, Downtown Napa has great bakeries and sweet shops for a relaxing breakfast with coffee, that afternoon treat …

The breakfast of champions

One of my favorite foods is a simple one – bircher muesli.  It’s a concoction of whole grains, nuts and maybe dried fruits soaked …