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Downtown Napa

The Wine Lover’s Grape Jelly

The 2016 Napa Harvest is underway. At home, I hand-harvested my own single-vineyard, dry-farmed Zinfandel grapes last week and wanted to make a jelly with a little more distinction and less sugar than most. So I thought like a winemaker. I fermented them.

Dive Into Downtown Napa’s Global Street Food Scene

Singapore may have its hawker fare, LA its food trucks but here in Downtown Napa, we have our own little “pod” of street food, wine country style! These humble eateries have a strong POV with food that is quick, inexpensive and always packed with flavor.

Downtown Napa Accommodations

[flagallery gid=14 w=100% h=100 name=Gallery] Downtown Napa has a range of accommodations ranging from international resort chains to boutique hotels to historic …

The sweeter side of Downtown Napa

No matter where you turn, Downtown Napa has great bakeries and sweet shops for a relaxing breakfast with coffee, that afternoon treat …