Travelling in the Pfalz

If  you are travelling to the Pfalz, the Pfalz Tourist (Pfalz.Touristik e.V.) and Wine (Pfalzwein e.V.)  Associations have good publications and maps.  Email for tourist info and for wine region information. 

Wine tasting:  There is no shortage of highly-regarded wineries as well as local cooperatives, most of which are open to the public.   The German Wine Route with cycling path goes through the Pfalz and is marked with a yellow sign signifying “Deutsche Weinstrasse” with a grape cluster.  There is also a hiking path which is marked on maps available through Pfalzwein.  A map of the Southern Wine Route is on the english website:

Where to stay:  a very nice centrally located hotel is the Deidesheimer Hof  Hotel and Restaurant in Deidesheim.  It is an historic and charming hotel with a very good restaurant where my colleague – a professional chef – and I dined the two nights we stayed there.   I had one of my most memorable German dishes there called saumagen and it is a specialty of the Pfalz.  Saumagen is a pig’s stomach filled with seasoned pork, potatoes, carrots and herbs and spices.  I had a slice of it sauteed and placed on top of a mountain of mashed potatoes and accompanied by more sausage.  My colleague said that the plate was bigger than my head and I ate the whole thing.  It was a perfect example of how extreme contrasts in food and wine pair beautifully, in this case, salty, unctuous sausages with a piercing riesling.

Deidesheimer Hof

Am Marktplatz

67146 Deidsheim/Weinstrasse

Telephone:  06326 96870