Comfort food and prices at Martini House in Saint Helena

Saint Helena restaurants of Martini House caliber are not known for value, which makes their “family meals” very special.  “Family meals” are what are normally referred to in the hospitality trade as staff meals prepared for staff before formal service begins.  And if you read the Bon Appetit aricle “First Seating” in the October 2008 issue, or have worked in a fine dining establishment, you have an idea of how good the food can be! 

For those looking for a casual early dinner that is a step-up from the usual cafe, Martini House offers family meals to the public ranging from $10-$15 paired with a discounted glass of wine.  The family meals are now served Sunday through Thursdays from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, in the cellar bar.  The meals change day to day, with the week’s upcoming menu posted on their website on Fridays.  An indicative menu could include steak frites (grilled petite flat iron steak, french fries and spinach with bearnaise) for $15 paired with a $12 Napa Valley cab if desired, grilled spicy Italian sausage with creamy polenta and braised radicchio for $14 paired with a $9 sangiovese.  Or how about a sweet red pepper risotto with steamed manila clams and parmesan froth for $13, paired with an $8.50 New Zealand chard.In the spirit of “family” meals and the hardworking professionals, these meals are available to-go.Martini House is located at 1245 Spring Street, just off Main Street to the left going north.  To pre-order, call (707) 963-2233 extension 1.