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A New Book on Monks and Wine Will Change the Way You Think About the Cote Chalonnaise

This is the book I’ve been waiting for. It fills in many of the gaps in our knowledge of monks and wine against the backdrop of cultural, political and economic influences of the time. It helps us gain a better understanding of the factors driving wine quality that continue to this day. And by adding emphasis on the reputations of Givry and Cote Chalonnaise wines, the authors elevate the image of this lesser-known and under-appreciated region of southern Bourgogne.

Two Words You Must Know in the Burgundy Lexicon

Last week, the Bourgogne wine region also known as Burgundy joined a global coalition of other classic wine regions to protect place name and origin. Now is the perfect time to start calling Burgundy by its French name, as we do for all other French wine regions. Going hand in hand with the authenticity of the Bourgogne name is the authenticity of its wines based on “climat”, the Bourgogne version of terroir.

aMuse Bouche: Burgundy Spice

With Burgundy’s rich and strongly flavored dishes, it’s easy to see why tangy Dijon mustard would be a specialty here. At a Moutarderie tour at Edmond Fallot, I learned the difference between Dijon and Burgundy mustard.


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